Compare Electricity Companies In Texas: The Easiest Way To Find The Best Company For Your Needs

It is unlikely that anyone has the necessary time on their hands to spend searching for a reliable electricity company.

Energy consumers in Texas must sort through and compare over 160+ Retail Electric Providers (REPs) before choosing the one that fits their needs the best.

That is hours and hours of work.

You want to quickly find the best electric providers in Texas and we can help.

This guide breaks down how to compare electricity companies in Texas and find the best one based on your electricity usage and needs.

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  2. Why Are There So Many Electric Providers In Texas?
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  4. Which Retail Electricity Provider Is The Best In Texas?

Electric Providers In Texas

Electricity consumers in Texas likely have trouble choosing the right electric provider because there are over 160+ available throughout the state.

Each Texas zip code has dozens of electric providers that service their area.

Spending the time to research and compare power companies in Texas, and ultimately choosing the one provider that works best for your family’s needs, can prove to be an overwhelming and nearly impossible task.

Not to mention it is very time-consuming.

Luckily, our partners at Power Wizard use an algorithm that helps you find the best electricity company for your exact needs in minutes. Their Free Savings Estimate is easy to use and can save you a lot of time at your computer. Click here to find the best plan for you.

Why Are There So Many Electric Providers In Texas?

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States.

Because of both its large size and population, there is a great need for electricity.

In early 2002, electricity deregulation was approved in Texas.

This allows for great competition among the 160+ Retail Electric Providers throughout Texas.

The different Retail Electric Providers (REPs) in Texas provide residential, commercial, and industrial electricity. And not every power consumer is looking for the same thing from their electric company.

Because of the size of Texas and the approval of electricity deregulation, there are many REPs to choose from.

What Does Deregulated Electricity Mean?

Deregulated electricity means that power consumers can shop for different electricity providers to find the one that fits their electricity usage needs the best.

When working to compare electricity providers, Texas residents and business owners should consider a few things. They might include:

  • The size of their home or building
  • Their daily expected electricity usage
  • The lifestyle of their family
  • The age of their home or building
  • And more

5 Ways To Compare Energy Companies In Texas

The various electric providers in Texas offer different rates, plans, and services that might be appealing to particular customers based on their wants and needs.

When looking to compare electricity providers, Texas energy consumers should consider the following:

  1. What are the different electricity rates?
  2. What are the various types of plans?
  3. How is the company’s customer service?
  4. Are they environmentally friendly?
  5. What are the billing practices?

Electricity Company Texas can help you quickly compare electricity companies and find you the best plan for your needs in minutes.

#1 - Comparison Of Electric Providers In Texas: Rates

Texas is a deregulated energy market. This allows power consumers to shop around with different electricity suppliers before choosing the one they want to service their electricity needs.

With a deregulated energy market comes competition. This means each Texas REP has the opportunity to offer different rates to an extent.

When looking to compare Texas electricity rates, Texas power consumers should consider what factors help determine an electricity rate.

Factors often include:

  • The price of fuel
  • The price to operate, maintain, etc. a power plant
  • Transmission and distribution of electricity to homes and businesses
  • Weather conditions
  • State regulations

Best Electricity Rates In Texas

Taking the time to compare rates among the numerous electric providers in Texas can be exhausting.

You could spend hours upon hours (or even days) at your computer researching the dozens of REPs in your Texas zip code before ever finding the best electricity rate.

But the “best” electricity rate will be dependent upon your lifestyle.

Instead of doing countless hours of research, take advantage of the advanced algorithm offered by our partners at Power Wizard.

Power Wizard uses a Free Savings Estimate tool to quickly gather minimal information about your home or business and electricity needs before matching you with the best rate and plan in your area. Click here to find your rate.

#2 - Comparison Of Electric Providers In Texas: Plan Type

Electricity providers typically offer a handful of different plans for their customers with the understanding that every energy consumer is looking for something different when it comes to their electricity.

Most commonly, the available plans include:

  1. Fixed-rate plan — You are locked into a set rate for the duration of your contract. This means that if electricity prices fluctuate, you continue to pay the rate agreed upon when you signed your contract.
  2. Variable-rate plan — Electricity rates will fluctuate based on wholesale prices of electricity. If energy prices increase, you pay more. If energy prices decrease, you pay less.
  3. Prepaid electricity — You purchase your electricity before you use it based on your expected usage and lifestyle. This allows you to manage both your electricity bill and usage.
  4. Free nights and weekends — You are offered free energy for a set amount of time each night and/or over the weekends.

When working to compare power companies in Texas, consider the different plans available and which type of plan might be best for your electricity needs.

What Is the Best Electricity Plan In Texas?

How do I know what the best electricity plan in Texas is?

The type of electricity plan you want or need will likely be based on your family and lifestyle.

When choosing the best electricity plan for your needs, you should consider:

  • The size and age of your home
  • The lifestyle of your family members
  • The types of electronics inside your home
  • Your budget
  • And more

Take the Smith family, for example.

The Smith’s are a large family of seven. They live in Texas on a large piece of land in a big farmhouse.

Mr. Smith works to run his family farm seven days a week while Mrs. Smith homeschools their five children.

To keep up with all of their family’s demands, they use an abundance of electricity each month.

The Smith family can use this information to better decide which type of electricity plan might be best for their Texas home.

#3 - Comparison Of Electric Providers In Texas: Customer Service

When looking to compare energy companies in Texas, it is important not to overlook each provider’s customer service.

Why might customers contact an electricity provider’s customer service?

  1. To help with starting an account or contract.
  2. To pay a bill.
  3. To get assistance with a problem or concern.

Which Electricity Provider Has The Best Customer Service?

Sometimes, reading reviews on each electricity provider can be helpful when considering customer service.

But, reviews are often biased.

Customers typically leave reviews for one of two reasons:

  1. They are overly happy with the service and want to sing the company’s praises.
  2. They are very disappointed in the service and want to warn others not to use the company.

Reviews on Texas electricity companies can often be found on:

  • Yelp
  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Consumer Affairs
  • And more

Instead of researching, you can easily find the best electricity provider and plan by using an advanced algorithm.

Our partners at Power Wizard use minimal information to quickly match you with an electricity provider that best fits your exact electricity needs.

#4 - Comparison Of Electric Providers In Texas: Environmentally Friendly

Some energy consumers prefer to utilize an electric provider that is environmentally friendly.

What does “eco-friendly” mean?

The electric company is implementing and using practices that help lead to healthier living for the planet and its inhabitants.

Green electricity” means that electricity is sourced from natural places.

Examples of green electricity are:

  • Solar energy
  • Wave power
  • Hydropower
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal
  • Bioenergy

Which Electricity Companies In Texas Offer Green Energy?

It’d be nearly impossible to search through the hundreds of electric companies in Texas to weed out the providers that offer green energy.

The process is time-consuming and if you were to settle with the first green energy plan you come across, you might be making a big mistake.

Our partners at Power Wizard use an advanced algorithm to find the best electricity plan for your needs. Click here to learn more.

#5 - Comparison Of Electric Providers In Texas: Billing Practices

Not every Retail Electric Provider uses the same systems for paying bills. To some consumers, the ease of payment is important.

What are the most common billing practices used by electric companies?

  1. Automatic payment
  2. Over the phone
  3. By mail
  4. Payment center

Which Companies Have The Best Billing Practices?

Oftentimes, most electric companies will allow customers to choose from a handful of the above options to pay their electricity bill.

But sometimes a specific electricity provider or a specific plan type might only allow for one way to pay your bill.

Instead of wasting time searching through companies billing practices, take advantage of Electricity Company Texas and our partners at Power Wizard.

Which Retail Electricity Provider Is The Best In Texas?

If you are searching for the “best” electricity provider in Texas, chances are you will never find an answer. The same goes if you are searching for the cheapest electricity companies, too.

The “best” and “cheapest” electricity providers are relative to the energy consumer’s wants, needs, and lifestyle.

There is no single best. Rather, the handful of factors mentioned above should be taken into consideration to determine which electricity provider is “best” and right for you.

How To Choose The Best Electricity Company For Your Needs

When energy consumers are searching for the best electricity company, they almost always begin with a Google search.

This could lead to hours of research.

More likely than not, energy consumers will settle on an electricity company because they are tired of searching.

For one reason or another, they will probably be disappointed in their choice and have to start the research process all over again.

Choosing the best electricity company for your needs can be easier than that.

Our partner’s Free Savings Estimate tool uses minimal information and an advanced algorithm to quickly find you the best electricity provider and plan for your needs.

The information Power Wizard might request is simple:

  • The zip code of your home
  • The size and age of your home
  • Expected electricity usage
  • Electricity usage history, if known

With Power Wizard, you can be signed up with the best electricity company for your family quickly and hassle-free.

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