How To Lower Your Electric Bill In Summer: 9 Ways To Save In Texas

You find yourself googling, “How to keep my electric bill low in the summer.”

We don’t blame you. Texas summers are hot, and any way to save a little money on electricity can be worth it.

In this guide, you’ll find nine ways to lower your electric bill during the summer months.

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How To Keep Your Electric Bill Low In The Summer In Texas

There are multiple ways that you can save on your electric bill.

But if these tips still aren’t enough, you can enlist the help of our partner, Power Wizard.

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#1 - Use A Fan Instead Of Air Conditioning

Does it cool off a bit at night or early morning?

*Before you desperately need to crank the AC***,** you can use a fan–or fans–to cool off your space.

You could potentially use:

  • A ceiling fan
  • A box fan
  • Another type of fan
  • Or a mixture of all the above

If you’re using a ceiling fan, be sure it is set on “summer mode,” which runs in the counterclockwise position.

Why does that matter?

This setup causes the airflow under the ceiling fan to push down, resulting in a wind-chill effect to keep you coolas opposed to just better air circulation when the fan runs clockwise.

How Does Using A Fan Lower Your Electric Bill?

Fans use significantly less electricity than air conditioning, so when you can get by with solely fan use, you can lower your electric bill in summer months.

But is it always a good idea to use a fan to save a little cash?

Consider this:

  • If indoor temperatures are cooler than 95 degrees F: You can put a fan in the window to have it blow cooler air into the room.
  • If indoor temperatures are hotter than 95 degrees F: It’s actually dangerous to use just a fan at these temperatures.

Remember, a fan doesn’t create cool air.

Air currents that flow over the body from the fan have to be cooler than your body temperature in order to cool you down.

If the temperature is over 95, you’d be having air that’s hotter than your body temperature blowing over you.

This would make it hard for your body to sweat enough to cool you down. So if you’re choosing the fan option, make sure it’s safe to do so first.

#2 - Use A Fan And Air Conditioning Together

Who says the fans have to be turned off when the air conditioning gets turned on?

You can use both a fan and AC to cool off your Texas home during the summer.

Why Use A Fan And AC Together?

Since a fan doesn’t create cool air, the cool needs to come from somewhere.

When the AC is on, it creates cool air that gets circulated through the vents. The fan can then increase the circulation even more and help the space to cool down faster.

This helps the thermostat to get below the programmed temperature quicker so the AC can stop running for a time.

The quicker your AC can take a break, the less electricity you’ll be using.

#3 - Buy a Programmable Thermostat

Do you live in an older home or apartment that doesn’t have a programmable thermostat?

Now might be the time to invest in one, especially if it’s currently scorching hot outside.

A programmable thermostat is an easy answer to the query “how to lower my electric bill in the summer.”

How Will a Programmable Thermostat Help?

Think about it this way:

Joan works from 9-5 throughout the week. That’s eight hours out of the home.

Yet her AC keeps running because she doesn’t have a programmable thermostat.

Imagine all the electricity and money Joan has wasted day in and day out.

A programmable thermostat is a simple solution to ensure your AC is running only when you need it to.

#4 - Set Your Temperature A Few Degrees Higher Than Usual

Setting your thermostat a little higher to 78 degrees F while you’re home can help you have a lower electric bill in summer.

If you’re convinced this isn’t possible with your current AC unit, it might be time to upgrade to an energy-saving model.

Or perhaps you have a programmable thermostat, but your electric bill still seems a bit steep.

Our partner, Power Wizard, has an unbiased algorithm that can find you an electricity plan that works best for your needs.

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Why Does A Higher Temperature Lower Your Electric Bill?

Why do a few degrees make a difference in energy savings?

When the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is smaller, your electric bill will be lower.

For example…

It’s 82 degrees in Tyler’s home.

He could set his thermostat to stop once the temperature in the house drops to 75, but instead he sets it to 78.

This means the AC will stop running after making the house four degrees cooler instead of seven.

#5 - Only Use Your Oven If You Have To

Are you an avid baker? Or maybe you’re super organized and have your freezer full of meals that are ready to pop in the oven on any given Texas evening.

Whatever your situation, limiting oven use can lower your electric bill more than you may realize.

If you need to use your oven, think about how long it takes for it to preheat. If it only takes five minutes, for example, don’t preheat the oven too early then let it give off unnecessary heat for fifteen minutes.

How Will Avoiding My Oven Lower My Electric Bill?

The longer your oven is on, the longer it has a chance to give off heat.

This means your AC has to work even more to counteract the heat that’s being given off.

A great alternative to cooking in an oven is cooking over an outdoor grill. You can:

  1. Minimize the heat inside your home
  2. Use less electricity
  3. Lower your electric bill in summer overall
  4. Bonus: eat scrumptious food without melting into a puddle of sweat on your kitchen floor

#6 - Avoid Your Dryer And Hang Dry Your Clothes

Your clothes will thank you for giving them a break from the dryer.

But that’s not all. Your electric bill will also appreciate your hiatus from using the dryer.

How Will Hang Drying Lower Your Electric Bill?

The obvious reason is that a dryer uses electricity… if you’re not using the dryer, you’re not using the extra electricity.

But also consider the amount of heat a dryer gives off.

If your house or apartment is already hot and the AC is working hard, running the dryer is going to force it to work longer and use up more electricity.

#7 - Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

Pop quiz from your mom: Which loads of laundry can be washed in hot water?

Well, the truth is you don’t have to wash your clothes in hot water to get them clean.

In fact, washing your laundry in cold water can save you money this summer in Texas.

How Will Cold Water Lower My Electric Bill?

Cold water can come straight from the pipe without having to go through the water heater.

The less you use electricity to power your water heater, the lower your electric bill can be.

#8 - Check Windows And Doors For Air Leaks

Does air come in from the bottom of your front door? Do any of your windows seem to struggle when you try to latch them closed?

If you can see some space between your door and the floor or between your window panes, chances are you’re:

1. Letting hot air in

2. Letting cool air out

Essentially, the hot air causes the AC to work harder...yet the hard-earned cool air is escaping through the cracks.

How Will Fixing Leaks Lower My Electric Bill?

If you can keep the hot air out and the cool air in by fixing any leaks around your doors and windows, you’re saving your AC from having to run constantly.

The more efficient your AC unit can be, the lower your electric bill can be.

#9 - Close Your Curtains And Blinds

Blackout curtains.

While they’re great for blocking out the sun when you’re ready to take a snooze, they can also aid in keeping the heat from getting into the room.

Don’t have blackout curtains?

Whatever curtains or blinds you have on your windows can still help to a certain extent in blocking the heat.

How Does Closing Curtains and Blinds Help?

By keeping your curtains and blinds closed to keep the excess heat from getting inside, you can alleviate the work your AC would have had to do to keep the house’s temperature regulated.

Final Tip On How To Lower Electric Bill: In Summer Months, Consider Switching Your Electricity Plan

Even with taking all the extra precautions to lower your electricity use so your electric bill doesn’t suffer, you still might end up overspending because of your current electricity plan.

Our partner, Power Wizard, can help you find an electricity plan that works for your needs and doesn’t break your budget.

How Do You Know Which Plan Is Right?

While we don’t have a specific answer for you, our partner Power Wizard has an unbiased algorithm that can help.

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