Xoom Energy Texas: About, Rates, Locations, Customer Service, and More

Choosing a Retail Electric Provider in Texas can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming.

In Texas alone, there are currently 160+ retail electricity providers (REPs).

How can you be confident about which provider to choose when there are so many options?

You have heard about Xoom Energy and want to learn more about what they offer their customers.


You have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn all the details you need to know about Xoom Energy so that you can choose an energy company that is best for you and your needs.

On this page:

  1. What is Xoom Energy?
  2. How To Change Electric Companies In Texas?
  3. How To Find The Best Electricity Plan In Texas
  4. Xoom Energy Rates
  5. Xoom Energy Reviews
  6. Xoom Energy Plans
  7. Xoom Energy Business Plans
  8. Xoom Energy Customer Service
  9. Where Can I Pay the Xoom Energy Bill?
  10. Xoom Energy Login
  11. Xoom Energy Locations

What is Xoom Energy?

Xoom Energy is an independent supplier of electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial properties all over North America.

They take pride in helping people who live in deregulated energy markets in 19 states (including Texas), to choose from their group of energy companies.

Because there are many retail electricity providers (REPs) under their umbrella, Xoom Energy has a variety of products, plans, and rates in Texas for you to choose from.

What makes Xoom Energy different than all the other REPs?

Interestingly, there are a few things about Xoom Energy that sets it apart from other retail electricity providers:

  1. Xoom Energy is a family of companies that offer plans that are not offered through local residential and commercial utility plans.
  2. Xoom Energy has an affiliate program that allows anyone to market their services and products for commission.
  3. Xoom Energy regularly participates in partnerships and programs to give back to local communities.

You can read more about Xoom Energy’s distinct company culture by visiting its LinkedIn page.

How To Change Electric Companies In Texas?

It is common to change electric companies if there is another one that offers a better energy rate than what you currently have.

Since there are so many different electricity companies in Texas, the process of changing to another company can vary greatly.

Manually Changing Your Electricity Company

First, let’s walk through the steps of changing your electricity company manually:

1. Look at the terms of your contract.

When you chose your current electricity provider, you may have signed a contract that dictates whether or not you can cancel your service before your contract ends. You will need to find out when your contract ends and if there will be penalties for terminating your contract early.

2. Call your electricity service provider to ask questions and/or confirm the terms of your contract.

Sometimes reading through service contracts can be very confusing. If you are not exactly sure of the terms of your contract, you can always call to ask questions.

Even if you feel like you understand your contract, it is probably best to call just to be sure.

3. Begin shopping and comparing the numerous REPs that service your area (if you have not done this already

Just to warn you, this is a time-consuming and tedious process. However, if you decide to continue doing this manually, here are the steps to take:

a. Go to Google.com and type in “Electricity companies near me” or “electricity companies in [zip code]”.

b. Click through each company’s link on the search results page.

c. Navigate to the pages that give information about the company’s energy plans and rates. *Note: Every company’s website navigation is different and some are easier to navigate than others.

d. Take organized notes, while being sure that you will understand and remember the details of each company’s plan.

e. Consider the following factors during your research to find the best rate for your unique needs: - Home or Business - Size of the Property - Age of the Property - Energy usage

f. Finally, compare all of your notes to decide which company you would like to switch to for new electricity service.

4. Sign up for the company you have chosen as your new REP.

Once you are confident about your choice, sign up for new service on their website.

At some point in your process of signing up, you will need to input the date on which you would like to start your new energy service. You will receive confirmation of your new date of service with a letter or email from your new company.

Xoom Energy has a search tool on its website that some may say is comparable; however, Xoom only has certain energy companies and does not consider various factors of your energy usage.

How To Cancel Xoom Energy Plans

There are cases in which you do not need to switch energy plans, but simply need to cancel your plan.

Maybe you are moving to a new state, or into your parents’ home and no longer need an energy plan.

If you decide to cancel your Xoom Energy service, you can call its customer care department at 888.997.8979.

Be sure that you are aware of your contract terms since often times customers will be subjected to a cancellation fee.

How To Find The Best Electricity Plan In Texas

Are you living in Texas and trying to wrap your mind around how to find the best electricity plan for your home or business?

If so, consider that the “best” electricity plan for you will depend on some individualized factors:

  • Zip Code
  • Home or business
  • Electricity usage
  • Size of the property

Therefore, you will need to examine your situation to find the best electricity plan for you.

Also, electricity providers are notorious for having hidden fees, technical jargon that can be difficult to understand, and other stipulations that can accompany pay-as-you-go plans.

All of these factors together make it hard to know if a particular company is truly right for your unique electricity needs.

Even if you think you have chosen the best for you, how can you be 100% sure?

Xoom Energy Rates

Xoom Energy rates vary depending on the type of plan you choose.

For example, if you’re looking at fixed-rate plans, your rate may be lower or higher than what you see listed for variable-rate plans because of fluctuations in the electricity market.

However, deciding whether an energy rate is best for you isn’t as simple as choosing the lowest rate.

Accurately comparing various energy rates, while considering the needs of your home or business can be the difference between saving or losing hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars per year.

Although Texans have the power to choose their energy plans, deciding which one to choose can be a daunting task.

Xoom Energy Reviews

Are you looking for Xoom Energy reviews and ratings?

As a consumer, it is a great idea for you to see what others have experienced before purchasing a service or product.

However, reading unbiased company reviews can be tricky for a few reasons:

  1. Customers can be given incentives for leaving a review, such as $100 off their first energy bill.
  2. Customers are often asked to give reviews only a few days or weeks after signing up for a new plan, which is not an adequate amount of time to experience their new service.
  3. Customers are more motivated to give negative reviews and ratings to elicit a response from the company in review. Keeping these things in mind, it is important to read both positive and negative reviews on websites like Yelp.

One of the best sources of company reviews can be found at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website since its goal is to be an unbiased source for consumers.

Xoom Energy Plans

In Texas, Xoom Energy offers three different energy plans that are available for the home:

Fixed-Rate Plans

For Xoom Energy’s fixed-rate plan, you can choose either a 12, 24, or 36-month plan, which locks in the price you pay for the duration of your plan contract.

Variable-Rate Plans

Xoom Energy also offers variable-rate plans, which does not lock in your energy rate. This plan offers rates that can fluctuate based on the market value of electricity.

Renewable Energy Plans

Xoom is one of the many energy companies in Texas that offers renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar energy. Depending on the type of plan you have, where you live, and your home energy needs, renewable energy plans can include different sources and unique consumption considerations.

You need to consider your home’s location & square footage which deciding which type of plan would work best for you.

The age of your home and your history of energy usage are just as important factors when deciding on a home energy plan.

Xoom Energy Business Plans

Xoom Energy also offers energy plans for businesses in Texas, which are similar to their home plans:

  • Fixed-Rate Plans
  • Variable-Rate Plans
  • Renewable Energy Plans

Businesses that choose to power their commercial buildings with a fixed plan can secure lower rates with a 36-month contract term vs. the 12 or 24-month plan.

To choose the best rate for your business, you will need to consider the area in which you are located, the size of your property, energy usage, as well as the age of the property.

Every home and business has unique needs to consider while choosing the best (not necessarily the cheapest) energy plan.

Xoom Energy Customer Service

You can contact Xoom Energy’s customer service by phone Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST) and Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Call 888-997-8979 to connect directly to XOOM Energy’s customer service line.

Where Can I Pay the Xoom Energy Bill?

There are several ways that you can pay your Xoom Energy Bill:

  1. Pay Online by logging into your account and paying a single payment with a credit or debit card. You can also set up automated bank drafts online.
  2. Pay By Mail by sending a check or money order to:

    XOOM Energy Texas, LLC Attn: Accounts Receivable P.O. Box 650411 Dallas, TX 75265-041

  3. Pay By Phone with a debit or credit card by calling 888-997-8979.
  4. Pay In Person at any ACE Cash Express and Fidelity Express location.

Xoom Energy Login

If you are a Xoom Energy customer, you may need to login to your online account for various reasons:

  • Pay Your Bill
  • View Billing History
  • View Energy Usage History
  • ...and other reasons that pertain to understanding more about your energy plan.

To locate the login page, simply type “Xoom Energy Login” as a search term on any search engine webpage, like www.google.com.

More than likely, it will be the first link at the top of the search results page.

You can click on that link, which will take you to the Xoom Energy login page, which is where you will enter your email or username and your password.

If for any reason you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link that reads “Forgot Your Password”, and follow the steps to set up a new password.

When you log in, you should be able to access any information you need about your current energy plan with Xoom.

Xoom Energy Locations

As mentioned before, Xoom Energy supplies energy to homes and businesses all over North America.

However, in this guide, we are focusing on the service Xoom Energy provides in Texas.

Let’s discover what some energy plans may look like in some of the most popular cities in Texas.

Dallas, TX

Tom recently graduated from college and accepted his first job in Dallas, TX.

He has found a nice apartment just outside of Downtown Dallas and was given information about all that he needs to prepare for his move-in date. One of the tasks on his list of things to do is to sign up for an electricity plan.

His apartment’s leasing manager suggested that he look into signing up with Xoom Energy because that is who gives their tenants the best energy plans. However, the manager also let Tom know that he is free to choose any electricity company that he wants.

Because Tom is from Georgia, where electricity is regulated, he was overwhelmed with all the choices and just chose to use Xoom Energy.

Here are the companies and the featured plans for his area as provided by Xoom Energy:

  • AEP North Company has variable-rate, fixed-rate, and renewable plans. The featured plan, according to Xoom Energy’s website is as follows:

    • Fixed-rate plan RescueLock 12 Unbundled
    • 12-month contract
    • 12.7¢/kWh (based on 2,000 kWh)
  • Oncor Electric Delivery has variable-rate, fixed-rate, and renewable plans. The featured plan, according to Xoom Energy’s website is as follows:

    • Fixed-rate plan RescueLock 12 Unbundled
    • 12-month contract
    • 11.5¢/kWh (based on 2,000 kWh)

As Tom looks at each of the featured plans, he decides to go with Oncor Electric Delivery, but how will he be sure that he made the best choice considering his unique needs?

It is not too late for Tom or for you to be sure you have made the best choice for your electricity plan.

Houston, TX

Susan, her husband, and two children just moved to Houston after finding out that Susan’s father is battling a life-threatening disease.

They do not think they will be in Houston long and have found a gracious landlord who is willing to rent a beautiful 4-bedroom home to their family on a month to month lease.

They are familiar with the process of choosing an electricity plan but have always been on a fixed-rate contract.

Susan begins looking at a variable-rate plan through Xoom Energy because they have been with Xoom Energy for about 5 years before moving the Houston.

The variable rate plans seem to be promising because there is no need to sign a contract.

Here are what the plans look like for her area:

  • CenterPoint Energy has variable-rate, fixed-rate, and renewable plans. However, its variable-rate plan, according to Xoom Energy’s website is as follows:

    • Variable-rate plan SimpleFlex Unbundled
    • Monthly contract
    • 10.6¢/kWh (based on 2,000 kWh)* Promotional Offer
  • Oncor Electric Delivery has variable-rate, fixed-rate, and renewable plans. However, its variable-rate plan, according to Xoom Energy’s website is as follows:

    • Variable-rate plan SimpleFlex Unbundled
    • Monthly contract
    • 10.6¢/kWh (based on 2,000 kWh)* Promotional Offer

How will Susan be sure that either of these companies will provide the best electricity plan for her family...especially with the promotional offers?

Waco, TX

Jeff just got accepted into medical school at Baylor University. He will be moving into the home of his best friend who already lives in the city.

Although his friend already has an electricity plan, Jeff has convinced him to look into renewable energy plans to reduce costs and to be a better global citizen.

So Jeff begins researching renewable energy plans near his new place and Xoom Energy is the first one to show up on the Google search.

Xoom only offers one renewable energy plan in Jeff’s soon-to-be neighborhood:

  • Oncor Electric Delivery has variable-rate, fixed-rate, and renewable plans. However, its renewable energy plan, according to Xoom Energy’s website is as follows:

    • Renewable energy plan SimpleClean 12 Unbundled
    • 12-Month contract
    • 11.4¢/kWh (based on 2,000 kWh) Uses up to 50% renewable energy***

Jeff feels that he needs to look into more options to evaluate and compare the best renewable energy plans for him and his roommate.

There is nothing better than feeling confident about your renewable energy service.

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