Frontier Utilities Texas: About, Rates, Locations, Customer Service, and More

Your friend Tom from work told you about this cheap electricity provider he has been using for his two-bedroom apartment. He seems to be happy with his service, and his bill seems very manageable.

Tom has talked about his provider so much that you are even considering making the switch and signing up with them to service your 5-bedroom ranch style home.

Although Tom is happy with his electricity provider, you shouldn’t run and cancel your current electricity plan and make a fast switch to his provider.

It is important to remember that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily equal “good.”

The “best” plan for Tom might not be the plan that fits your unique needs.

Remember, Texas has over 150 electricity companies, so it is important to consider your personal situation to understand what plan might be the best for you.

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Frontier Utilities Rates

Frontier Utilities offers several different rates and plans that can meet your needs, but so do many other REPs in the cities throughout Texas.

You can head to the Frontier Utilities website or give their customer service number a call to get more information on the different plans available in your city.

But, you should know that although Frontier Utilities offers a handful of plans with different rates, a plan with Frontier Utilities might not be right for you.

It produces the very best plan for you, whether that be with Frontier Utilities or another electricity provider in your area.

Frontier Utilities Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about an electricity provider and their services that a website might not clearly state, so it is important to read through some reviews when searching for a new electricity provider.

However, keep in mind that reviews are often left by one of two different kinds of people:

They are either left by people who have had amazing experiences and are there to sing the company’s praises, or they are left by people who have had terrible experiences and are there to bash the company.

Frontier Utilities has many reviews available to read online. Here is where you can read some reviews on Frontier Utilities:

Frontier Utilities Plans

Frontier Utilities offers a variety of electricity plans for many cities throughout the state of Texas. Each one of these plans has pros and cons depending on some factors specific to your needs.

When searching for electricity plans, remember to consider these important factors:

  1. Age of your home
  2. Size of your home
  3. Exact physical location
  4. Number of occupants
  5. Types of appliances
  6. And more

Fixed Term

Also known as a fixed-rate plan, a fixed term with Frontier Utilities allows consumers to lock into a rate upon signing a contract. The fixed-rate will not change for the length of the contract.

Month-to-Month Variable Rate

The month-to-month variable rate plan does not lock consumers into any long-term commitments. It is possible that rates may change each month.

Pay in Advance

With the pay in advance plan, you purchase energy to cover the first month’s usage. You are then billed in advance for each following month.

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go allows you to purchase energy by the kilowatt-hour at a set price.

As your account depletes, you receive a notification informing you of how much electricity you have remaining and your balance. You can then add more money to your account to continue your usage.

Green Plan

A green plan with Frontier Utilities guarantees that your electricity comes from wind, hydro, or solar sources.

Frontier Utilities Business Plans

If Frontier Utilities were to supply business plans, you could find more information on their website or by giving their customer service number a call.

If business plans were an option with Frontier Utilities, here is what you could most likely expect:

  1. A fixed-rate plan that sets one price per kilowatt-hour for the duration of the contract.
  2. An indexed rate plan where the plan price is tied to some other variable (like the current price of natural gas) that determines the final rate.
  3. A renewable energy or green energy plan that sources your energy from wind, hydro, or solar sources.

Frontier Utilities Customer Service

Customer Care Representatives at Frontier Utilities can be reached Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

You can reach them via phone or email regarding simple account help or any questions you might have about your service.

Frontier Utilities Pay Bill

Frontier Utilities offers a variety of options to pay your bill.

You can choose to pay through your online account using a credit card or debit card, or over the phone at 866-604-7782 by using the same payment methods.

Frontier Utilities also accepts payment via mail:

Frontier Utilities

PO Box 660094

Dallas, TX 75266

Additionally, Ace Cash Express stores will accept Frontier Utilities payments in person.

3 Ways to Lower your Electricity Bill with Frontier Utilities

Lowering your electricity bill with Frontier Utilities is doable by making conscious choices about your energy usage.

Here are three quick ways to cut back on your electricity with Frontier Utilities:

  1. Use your washer and dryer less frequently

These machines use a lot of electricity. By doing less laundry or ensuring each load is full to avoid extra loads, you can save yourself some money on your electricity bill with Frontier Utilities.

2. Reduce your television time

Many homes keep the television running as background noise for the majority of the day without realizing how much electricity is being used. By playing music as background noise or setting a screen time limit, you can save yourself money on your electricity bill.

3. Know your “peak” hours

Try and use the majority of your electricity during “off-peak” hours when Frontier Utilities charges less for usage. By avoiding the “peak” hours of the day, you should notice a drop in your electricity bill.

Frontier Utilities Locations

Frontier Utilities offers similar plans across many of the popular cities in Texas.

A large family in Houston might use one specific Frontier Utilities plan that works great for them, while a much smaller family in Corpus Christi has had great luck with a different plan.

Remember, what is considered to be the “best” plan for one family might not be what best meets your specific needs.

Electricity plans are dependent on factors like the size and age of your home, the expected and actual kilowatt-hour usage, the exact physical location, and more.

Take these factors into consideration when searching for your REP.


You recently moved to Houston, Texas and are searching for a new electricity provider. Frontier Utilities might offer a plan that fits your unique needs perfectly.

In Houston, Frontier Utilities offers over five different electricity plans.

These plans include:

  • 6 to 12-month fixed-rate plans
  • prepaid plan options
  • month-to-month options
  • and more

You might feel overwhelmed reading through the specs of each individual plan and unsure if any of these options will work well for you.

Corpus Christi


James and his family recently relocated to Corpus Christi. They were told about a possible electricity provider from someone in their new neighborhood but came across Frontier Utilities during their research.

In Corpus Christi, Frontier Utilities offers over five different plans.

These plans vary from short-term to long-term usage, are dependent on the size of your home, and give maximum kWh usages.

Before James moves forward with choosing one of these plans with Frontier Utilities, he should consider what other electricity companies might service the Corpus Christi area.

In minutes, he can know which REP in his Corpus Christi zip code can offer him the best plan for him and his family.

Fort Worth

Consider this:

Sam and her roommates just purchased a new three-bedroom home in Fort Worth, Texas. They’re searching for a plan with Frontier Utilities for their electricity.

In Fort Worth, Sam finds that Frontier Utilities offers a variety of different electricity plans.

These plans range from prepaid plans to 12-month fixed-rate plans and many more in between.

By entering their Fort Worth zip code and some relevant information on their home, Sam and her roommates quickly find the best plan available and are signed up within minutes.

In the email to their customers, Frontier Utilities provided suggestions to help reduce usage during this window.

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